• Which areas do you cover?


Generally speaking, I cover East Hull. My Dog Walking areas are Wawne, Kingswood, Bransholme, Sutton, Longhill & Bilton.

I understand that there are dogs in other areas that may need my services, which is why my Pet Taxi service & Pet Sitting service are available in a wider service area. See Services for more info.



  • Can you provide me with any services across the dinner time period (11am-1pm)?



As you can imagine, the busiest & most popular part of my day is across this time period. I have permanent bookings in place Mon - Fri across this period during school term time. As a general rule, I will not be able to take any bookings across this period. However, I have space for ONE small dog to come and join us for Walkies on Kingswood across dinner time.

Furthermore, I do have these time slots available during school holidays. Please visit my Facebook page to keep up to date on my latest availability.   

Remember, excerise at any point during the day for your furry friend, is better than no exercise at no point during the day.



  • Can you provide my dog(s) with a drop in service?


          Sure, if my diary allows space to accomodate.

Day time mid-week is when everyones furry friend needs to get out, stretch their legs and socialise while their humans are at work.

In order for me to service as many customers as possible, perhaps your best friend can make some new furry best friends and join us on a short walk instead?

Afterall, socialising is as important to them as it is me and you.


  • My dog doesn't get along with other dog(s), can you provide solo dog walks? 


Unfortunatley, I do not provide private/solo walks. I provide group walks only. This may change in the future if I recruit members of staff. The exception to this comes during my Pet Sitting Service (looking after your dog(s) in your home). As I would be looking after your dog over a 24 hour+ period, me and your furry friend(s) have ample opportunity to take our walks.


  • My dog is entire and hasn't been spayed/neutered, does this matter?


Whilst there are benefits to spaying/neutering your dog(s), it is your prerogative. However, for several reasons I can not include entire dog(s) in my group walks. Again, Pet Sitting is the exception to this guidline.


  • I'm not sure which day(s) a week I need your services, can I change it?


Sure, I understand schedules change weekly and daily. As long as you give me at least 24 hours notice, I'm happy to change your day(s) as you need.



  • Can you feed my dog(s) or give them their medicine?


Sure. If you provide me with instructions for their routine. Before or after their walk, I'm happy to feed them and/or give them any medicine they require.


- Have further questions?   Haven't found your answer?

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